Blue Horizon Energy HQ is now 100% Solar Powered

Blue Horizon Energy is excited to announce that the company’s operations in Minnesota are now 100% solar-powered, with the completion of a 40kW solar energy system on the roof of their Minnetonka, MN headquarters.

“We’ve been building better solar for over a decade,” said Griffin Dooling, CEO of Blue Horizon Energy. “With the construction of this solar energy system at our office, we can finally join our customers in the clean energy future.”

The Blue Horizon Energy solar project is built on fully-ballasted racking with no penetrations through the roof membrane and encompasses 124 Panasonic N325 HIT solar modules. With a modular design, the project can be easily moved to a different location if roof repair work is required or if Blue Horizon Energy outgrows its current office space.

This project will produce approximately 50,000 kWh of energy annually, offsetting over 39 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from energy production every year. That’s enough energy to charge approximately 4.3 million average smartphones over the course of a year.

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